About Us

PAPP Plastics was first established in 1991 with just three employees, six vintage presses and 10,000 sq ft of space. Due to our ability to adapt to evolving industry and customer demands, we now span three locations in Windsor, with a total of 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing, assembly and warehousing space.

Our abilities include:

  • Injection & blow molding, thermoforming, SMC composites and metallic sub components.
  • Supplying OEM car plants directly or automotive service parts and accessories (Ford, Toyota, GM, Chrysler) We are capable to ship over 6,000 dealer locations same or next day.
  • Developing and manufacturing products that serve Canadian Department of National Defense and U.S. Military and other government agencies.
  • Utilizing our engineering team and local supply chain to win a government contract to engineer and manufacture a Canadian solution for Altair (Altitude-conjugated Adaptive optics for Infra Red), an optical bench utilized to mount GEMINI 25’ telescope in Hawaii
  • Distributing various new products and technologies into new accounts
  • Exporting into USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Europe and Middle East
  • Serving diversified markets in Automotive, Heavy truck, Industrial Products, Military, Law enforcement, Construction and Alternative energy

Our Capabilities


Injection Molding

Press tonnage ranges from 150 Ton to 3,000 Ton for injection.


Compression Molding

Press tonnage to 4,000 Ton for compression molding. Here is an example of a complete door assembly.


Multi-Material Molding

Multi-material 2-shot molding capabilities up to 1,500 Ton.

Secondary Services

  • Chrome Plating
  • Painting