Our technologies constantly evolve to serve a demanding marketplace.

  • Various “in-mold” solutions, film, fasteners and inserts to reduce scrap and secondary processes
  • In mold “Velcro”
  • 2K and 3K rotary injection molding, transfer molding, pick and place over molding, retractable blade two shot molding
  • Mold building and secondary equipment
  • Investing into licensing new technologies for mold building, part performance patents and plastics recycling technologies
  • Providing Canadian technology transfer to emerging markets tooling, secondary equipment, skill development training, systems and process development.
  • Some PAPP designs are patent pending
  • Application of new technologies and processes to support the product needs of the customers
  • FPS compact flat panel speakers
  • Light weighting solution – Bio Resin with 10-25% weight savings, Natural fiber insert molding.
  • Nano fibre sound insulation